MDIS Residences @ Stirling

Accommodation is an important consideration while you are living away from home. International students should make the accommodation arrangement before they leave the homeland. There is a wide variety of accommodation options in Singapore and the type of accommodation you choose will depend on your personal budget. International students can approach MDIS for assistance on the accommodation arrangement.

Visit for further enquiries.

Hostel Rates

All rooms are fitted with basic furnishings - closet, study table, chair, book shelf, fan, bed with pillow and blanket. Quad rooms also come fitted with privacy blinds to ensure sufficient personal space for students. And no worries, each room is fully air-conditioned!

(All rates are in Singapore Dollars)

Room Type Photos Beds Rental per pax / per month Promotion
Single(SGL) 1-bedded S$882.75  
Double Sharing with Balcony (DBL) 2-bedded S$722.25 Up to 14% off monthly rental!
Double Sharing with Bay Window (DBW) 2-bedded S$668.75 Up to 12% off monthly rental!
Quad Sharing with Balcony (QBL) 4-bedded S$588.50  
Quad Sharing with Bay Window (QBW) 4-bedded 4-bedded S$535.00  

Deposit: One (1) month rental payable upon confirmation of the room.

NOTE: All prices are inclusive of 7% GST.

Room Type Single(SGL) Double Sharing with Balcony (DBL) Double Sharing with Bay Window (DBW) Quad Sharing with Balcony (QBL) Quad Sharing with Bay Window (QBW)
Photos 4-bedded
Beds 1-bedded 2-bedded 2-bedded 4-bedded 4-bedded
Rental per pax / per month S$ 882.75 S$ 722.25 S$ 668.75 S$ 588.50 S$ 535.00
Promotion   Up to 14% off monthly rental! Up to 12% off monthly rental!    

Deposit: One (1) month rental payable upon confirmation of the room.

NOTE: All prices are inclusive of 7% GST.


“The thought of going overseas to study alone is scary. Luckily, I met the hostel staff who made me feel like it is second home. With the 24 hours security, I felt safe. Despite being near city location, MDIS hotel is actually quite affordable.”

- Tran Ngoc Thu Thao, Vietnam

“Living in hostel has definitely given me a wonderful experience. I get to make friends easily with different nationalities. Furthermore, being conveniently located in school campus, I can attend classes on time.”

- Shaima Musthafa, Madives

“I had a superb experience here, thanks to the friendly and helpful staff. During my first month of stay, they patiently guided me. Being conveniently located in city area, I also had an easy time to access to nearby supermarkets and facilities.”

- Timothy, Hong Kong

“Having stayed in hostel for more than 2 years, I have become more independent and has built friendship with different nationalities. During my free time, I would also love to share interesting memories with roommates. ”

- Carina Xiao, China

The MDIS Hostel Life

The MDIS Hostel Life

Hostel Office Hours

Monday to Friday: 8am to 7pm 
Saturday: 8am to 12pm 
Closed on Sunday and Public Holidays

Booking Info

Application is to be made after receiving approval of admission to MDIS.

The hostel room will be reserved upon receipt of the student's photocopy of his/her passport, In-Principle Approval (IPA) Letter / Student's Pass (if available), Conditional Offer Letter and Student Contract from MDIS (if available) and fully completed Hostel Application Form.

Based on room availability, the Hostel Management will send a confirmation email to student requesting for a non-refundable registration fee of S$107.00, one (1) month deposit and 2-month / 6-month / 12-month of rental fees to be made within seven (7) days in order to secure the reservation.

Payment can be made by Telegraphic Transfer. Bank details will be provided upon confirmation.

Fostering Vibrant Learning and Living

Ensuring that students living abroad can still feel at home, MDIS creates a dynamic environment for learning, living and meeting new friends from all over the world.

MDIS Residences Resident Committee (MRRC) was formed in January 2013 to encourage a spirit of comradeship and fellowship amongst residents of the MDIS Hostel. In 2014, the MRRC organised several activities; such as the Welcome Barbeque in May, where 120 students came together to meet, mingle and enjoy some good food.

As the MDIS Residences@Stirling sees itself as a home away from home for many students, the MRRC also held a Mid Autumn Festival Celebration in September 2014 for those who would normally be celebrating at home. The 119 students enjoyed feasting on delicious mooncakes in a myriad of flavours, taking part in games and admiring the full moon.

A Halloween Party was also held in October 2014 where students were encouraged to tap into their creativity and go wild with their costumes. A total of 150 tickets were snapped up a day before the event, which saw students participating in a haunted house, a photo booth, face painting, fortune telling and a mystery box game.