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TEL Hotline: (+65) 6796 7937 / 7716 / 7742

FAQs on Progression

Whom can I approach if I wish to find out more about furthering my studies?

For information on further studies within MDIS in Singapore, you may call the Progression Department at Hotline: (+65) 6796 7937 / 7716 / 7742 or email to The Progression Consultants will be able to advise you on the pathway you may want to pursue.


I am still not sure which course to take. What is the option open to me if I were to change my course or need guidance on which programme would be suitable for me and my career advancement?

We believe that all of our students should be given the opportunity to excel. Part of this is the ability to change direction without abandoning their educational goals. For such reasons, we have considerable flexibility in our programmes. Hence, you must check with your respective coordinators or the Progression Consultants on the administrative procedures on change of package, difference in fees, intake dates and whether you are eligible to gain admission with your latest qualifications achieved. Please refer to the Progression Consultants for guidance on the different programmes available to MDIS students.

When are the examination results released?

Results for Certificate, Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Higher Diploma and Graduate Diploma courses are released about 1 to 1.5 months after the last examination for the term.

Results for Degree and Postgraduate programmes are released about 3 months after the last examination for the term. All results will be mailed to your local address (with the exception of OCU, UOS and NU results which are released online via the University partner’s website).

If you do not receive your results by the 6th week or 13th week from the date of examination (for pre-degree and degree/postgraduate programmes respectively), please contact your respective coordinators via e-mail.

When are the certificates & transcripts released?

For pre-degree programmes, the certificates and transcripts will be released about two months after the last examination for the term. For undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, please refer to the respective university’s website for information pertaining to the issuance of certificates and transcripts.

What are the remodule fees or progression criterion?

Please refer to the Student’s Handbook, or check with your Student Coordinator or Progression Consultants. Remodule forms are placed at the Student Service Centre at MDIS Campus, Stirling Road, BlK A, level 2.

How do I make my course fee payment?

Payment can be made at the cashier at the Student Services Counter, BLK A, Level 2, located at MDIS Campus. Payment can be made by cash, cheque, NETS and credit card (Visa, Master & Amex).

What is the application procedure for progression?

You can pick up the progression application forms at Blk A level 1, Progression Counter or Blk A, Level 2, Student Services Centre. You will have to submit your progression application form, registration fees and ICA processing fee (only for international students) and supporting transcripts and diploma certificate to the Progression Executive or Officer at Blk A, MDIS Campus, 501 Stirling Road. Students can apply online at

Important Notice: International students must check with their respective coordinators on the next intake date and submit their progression applications and students’ passes at least 8 weeks prior to the expiry of their passes and also at least 3 weeks prior to the intake. You must cancel your student’s pass at least 4-5 working days before expiry date. Please note that all international students must attain a minimum attendance rate of 90% and clear their modules before they can apply for renewal of their passes.

What are the attendance requirements for full-time and part-time students?

Students in the full-time day programmes are required to fulfill a minimum attendance rate of 90% for each module/unit, failing which they will be barred from the examination for the module/unit concerned. International students must attain a minimum attendance rate of 90% for renewal of their passes.

Students in the part-time evening programmes are required to fulfill a minimum attendance rate of 80% for each module/unit, failing which they will be barred from the examination for the module/unit concerned.

How do I renew my student’s pass?

You can contact our Progression staff at MDIS Campus, BLK A, Level 2, 501 Stirling Road. Please submit the following for progression and renewal of student’s pass:

  1. MDIS Progression Form
  2. University Application Form (Applicable at degree and master level)
  3. Student’s Pass Renewal Application Form (ICA forms, Form 16 and V 36)
  4. Latest or previous results (If applicable)
  5. Application Fee : $107

For international students who need more information, please email

How long does it take for the student’s pass to be processed?

The processing time for the application of the student’s pass is 3-4 weeks. We encourage students to submit their application forms at least 6-8 weeks prior to the commencement of their programme. Students can expect a reply from MDIS at least 1-2 weeks prior to intake date. We encourage you to contact the institution at least 2-3 weeks in advance to know the status of your progression and student’s pass.

Do I have to do a medical examination upon receiving approval of my student’s pass?

Students will be advised to do a medical examination according to their In-Principle-Approval letter. Students who have not attended medical examination for more than 2 years will be advised to do so.

Where is the location for international students to enquire on Immigration Checkpoints Authority (ICA) and student's pass matters?

For ICA and student's pass matters, please proceed to Student Services Centre located at Block A Level 2 (MDIS Campus, 501 Stirling Road).